New Delhi: The Modi government has issued new guidelines for the Special Protection Group (SPG) protecting the Gandhi family. According to this new directive, SPG protection has been made compulsory for any member of the Gandhi family during their entire visit while traveling abroad. Till now SPG security personnel used to go to the foreign destination (first location) only with the Gandhi family.

At the same time, if members of the Gandhi family do not accept this, then their foreign travel may also be cut due to security reasons. Earlier, after coming together to the first location, members of the Gandhi family used to return all security personnel back to India citing their privacy. In such a situation, there was an increased risk for them during further foreign travel.

According to the new guidelines issued by the Modi government, now if a member of the Gandhi family visits London, the SPG security personnel will be with them at all times till they return to Delhi, as if they live with them in India. If a member of former PM Rajiv Gandhi's family wants to go on a foreign tour, the Indian embassy in the country concerned will talk with the local police to provide them security besides SPG protection.