Korba. A young woman has accused a lawyer of Katghora for obscene talk on mobile. The same day, the woman is said to have met him in court, as she had to get bail for her father. At night, the lawyer called and asked her if she desires to be his girlfriend.

The police have registered a crime against the lawyer in this case. The father of a 20-year-old girl living in the Darri police station area had a dispute with his brother. Police had registered an FIR against the father in this case. He is currently detained in the Katghora sub-jail.

On September 25, the woman reached the Katghora court complex with her mother to talk about her father's bail. Here he met lawyer Ajay Sahu and informed about the incident. Assuring his bail, the lawyer sent her back home.

If the victim is to be believed, at around 10 pm, the lawyer contacted her on mobile and started talking obscene. Meanwhile, he asked if you had a boyfriend, and then he asked will you become my girlfriend?

To this, the woman said that you are of my father's age, why are you saying such things. The girl alleged that , “Even after this, the lawyer did not apologize and on the contrary said that I am 30 years old and none of my age can have a daughter as old as you” .

The victim says that after this, she panicked and switched off her mobile. Her mother reached the court the other day and expressed his displeasure at the lawyer for doing such an act. An advance of 2000 was  given for the case, when she asked for it back, the lawyer refused to pay back.

The Darri police have registered a crime against the lawyer in this case under Section 509B. On the other hand, the lawyer Ajay Sahu claims that the charge is baseless.